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Haiti at a Crossroad

Haiti is currently facing a grave political crisis. There is a broad consensus in the country that the president’s term ended in February this year. In the absence of a functioning parliament and with the de facto president ruling by decree, Haiti is descending into dictatorship once more.

In addition to documentation of endemic corruption and governmental incompetence, credible evidence has emerged of state complicity with kidnappings, murders and even massacres committed by gangs that likely amount to crimes against humanity. These crimes are aimed largely at communities that oppose the government. In this context, the Moïse administration is attempting to create a new constitution via referendum – a process specifically prohibited in Haiti’s current constitution.

There is also a great deal of misinformation circulating regarding the situation in Haiti. As a result, among the Haitian diaspora and the international community, there is not yet a consensus on how best to support an end to the crisis.

Haiti at a Crossroads is a partnership between Defend Haiti's Democracy, the International Human Rights Clinic, Harvard Law School, the Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic, Yale Law School, the NYU School of Law’s Global Justice Clinic, Medgar Evers College, Caribbean Research Center, and Quisqueya University. This forum brings together experts on constitutional reform, human rights, the rule of law, economics, and governance, from Haiti and internationally. The panel will explore the current economic, political, and human rights crisis in Haiti, debunk myths and provide an evidence base for all actors to work together on identifying solutions.


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