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End the Crisis

This situation is not inevitable and it is reversible.  If we act now, together we can help end the crisis in Haiti.  

United Nations

We call on the international community to commit to three priorities:


Pressure must be put on the Haitian authorities immediately to end the violence.

Perpetrators of massacres, kidnappings and other abuses of human rights must be brought to justice.

Support is needed to strengthen the rule of law in Haiti.

This will help create the conditions for a return to democracy and stability.


It is not feasible to organise elections before the end of the President’s mandate. Yet his position has become untenable.

A transitional government must be established. This must be time-limited and should prepare the way for democratic elections.

The international community must support the transitional government to restore peace and justice.


A careful process, including representatives of all Haitian society, must be developed to restore democracy.

The process must build trust among the Haitian people.

It must prioritise the primary concerns of the people – poverty, violence and a lack of access to justice.

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